Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why do we stop to dream? never give up on your dreams and desires

Why do we stop to dream? There comes a time in life when we seem to listen to people who don't believe in dreams or magic. But why do we listen to them? When our imaginations and magic is unlimited. You should never let anyone hold you back from your quest in life. I used to listen to the nay sayers long ago. But now I am much more positive.

You see in the end you are the one who will forge the destiny you truly wish for. It's within your power to reach every dream and desire you ever wanted. But first you must lay out a plan. Cast a few money spells or whatever spells you want to manifest. Remember use the power of you mind and meditate on what you truly want. Your dreams are just a word or idea away. Reach them and never hold back!

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