Monday, July 1, 2013

The Power of Wisdom

Through out the ages the Wizards of time wrote books and had the secrets and knowledge that made them powerful. Today we have great teachers and wise men. But you can also be an independent Wizard. This page was created to teach wisdom that appears to be powerful and secret because most people out there don't know about it.

Knowledge is power. Companies and those in "power" over you, only have this power because they know things you don't. One example is the toxic food we eat and is advertised to it. There is a reason wise men in China live over 100 and could probably still beat you up at that age!

People seemed to wrapped up in fast food and what was promoted on the TV. But I also know many people suffer health problems because of this. This page of wisdom was opened to teach people who to better their lives and cure and prevent illness naturally. Understanding nature, your body and mind is important in order to have a healthy and happy life.

I will also add bits of wisdom as I learn them. As well as links to great websites and Youtube videos. I hope you find this page helpful and to your benefit.


~Wise Wizard

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